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Are you a qualified doctor and speak German? Are you goal-oriented, interested in advances in medicine, and want to be among the world's best in this field? We are looking for staff for the general practitioner position and other specialised doctors for leading hospitals and departments. German-speaking countries are known for their high standard of living and strong economies. What makes it possible to finance research as well in the healthcare industry and, in the long term, maintain itself at the top of health quality surveys of care? State-of-the-art technology and effective training systems are available for which they drive to Switzerland for internships by doctors from all over the world. It's up to you whether you decide to also belong to the best. We can help with that.

Latest job offers

Práca pre lekárov v Českej republike, Prague, odmena 90000.0 CZK


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90000 - 90000, CZK
Czech: B2-advanced

Education: Všeobecný lekár

How does the entire process of recruiting health workers abroad take place?


Structured CV:

In your CV, try to describe yourself in as much detail as possible, your work experience and also don't forget to mention exchange study or work stays or about further additional education.


Process of recognition of education

Before the actual decision to travel, we will arrange for you a meeting with our foreign partner/employer partner and discuss in detail your expectations and requirements for the new job position


Searching for the most suitable employer

Based on your specific requirements, your profile will be sent to several medical facilities


Choosing a specific employer

Based on individual responses, a potential employer is selected


Interview abroad in a specific medical facility

You will have a personal interview with your potential employer and tour the workplace


Signing the contract

In case of mutual approval, you will receive an employment contract



We and our foreign partners are fully at your disposal so that you can get used to the new country as soon as possible.


Starting a job

You are starting work and you are one step closer to becoming the top in your field.

Are you interested in new work possibilities?

Why work together?

  • Before the actual decision to travel, we will allow you to meet with our foreign partner/employer partner, and discuss in detail your expectations and requirements from the new job position
  • Our services are completely FREE
  • We assist in the recognition of education abroad
  • We will help you adapt in a new country
  • During the entire entry process, as well as after starting a job, we and the foreign partner at the place of residence are at your disposal